Marimo (moss ball)


Back in 2019, I purchased these three little marimos at a souvenir shop in Hokkaido Japan. Since then, they have been doing very good here in the UK. Though they don't grow by leaps and bounds, but now they've become 1.7cm diameter. I always try to keep them moving and rolling in order to give them adequate amount of light, in consequence, they're growing (almost) perfectly spherical and the texture has become velvety.



Echinops ritro


Purchased at the local Poundland 5 or 6 years ago. It started touch and go for the first few years but now it seems to have settled down and bears some flowers. In the end, it cost me only one quid so I really can't complaint, can I?

The height reaches 1.0m to 1.2m so I plant it in the back of the rose border, and what's more, bees love it!




Rose 'Pierre De Ronsard"


It is well known that 'Pierre De Ronsard' flowers only once in late srping to early summer in places where the climate is hot and humid, mine tends to repeat twice annually in my garden, thanks to a bit chiller summer in the UK.


 Having said that, the petals are much fewer and the flowers don't have its density like the ones in early summer. Yet, it's still a nice bonus to me.